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Gemba Walk Lean Management Software: Empowering Engineering Companies

OTR Engineered, a leading manufacturer of Off-The-Road (OTR) rims for heavy-duty vehicles, faced the challenge of optimizing their manufacturing processes to meet growing demand while maintaining high-quality standards. To address this, they implemented the Gumbo Walk Lean Management Software. This case study explores how Gumbo Walk transformed OTR Engineer’s rim […]

Revolutionizing Workforce Management

A Case Study of Codic Innovation’s Easy Time Tracking App for Goddeeris Introduction In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, efficient workforce management is a cornerstone of success. Goddeeris, a prominent industrial giant in Belgium, engaged in Industrial HVAC, Piping, and Sprinkler Systems, recognized the need to streamline their employee shift tracking, […]

ILA Report launch – Sri Lanka Country Report Release

As a small-business owner, it’s important to find high-quality information and educational resour-ces you can trust to help you overcome common obstacles and achieve success. These resources may include finance-focused resources such as magazines, podcasts or blogs that aim to educate business owners about how to make the right financial […]